Seeking Out a Truly Tailor-Made Ski Holiday in The Chamonix Valley

When you’re searching the best ski holiday company for you, you’ll find using adjectives like ‘prestige’, ‘luxury’ or ‘tailor-made’ deliver thousands of results, dominated by the companies who have paid Google the most to be up there. Essentially, almost every ski holiday company employs the same descriptions, regardless of the true quality they offer. Not helpful.

To find genuinely high quality service and accommodation you need to dig deeper and look at a company’s pedigree before you commit.

Ten80 Holidays were established 15 years ago by Peter Vainer who has lived in the Chamonix Valley for more than 20 years.

Thanks to knowing everyone who is anyone in the area, and being very good at what they do, the business has grown to offer a choice of more than 40 properties, each with a distinct character and charm.

In each case that quality is due, in large part, to the character of the property owners, with whom Ten80 have built strong relationships, getting to know all of their properties intimately.

This allows Ten80 to offer a genuinely tailor-made experience for each guest that reflects a combination of care, thought, attention to detail, knowledge, and passion for the wonderful Chamonix Valley.

This expertise is enhanced by a free concierge service, right from booking through to the end of your stay, to advise and organise every aspect of your holiday so that it becomes something more magical and memorable.

All in all a truly tailor-made Chamonix holiday and not something Google’s algorithms have managed to work out just yet.

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